Pedalling for Charity

I’ll start with the essence of this page and then you can read the backstory afterwards if you have the time to. And for the avid Strava people, I’ve added the Strava links.

For the last 20 years, I have volunteered my time to a couple of charities but I want to raise money for some too. So occasionally, I do personal challenges to raise money and also to put myself through hell.

So, I’m going on a charity bicycle ride. The idea is:

The distance I cover is tied to the money you will donate.

If you donate £1. I’ll cycle 1km.

If you donate £2, I’ll cycle 2km.

So on and so forth.

If you are already sold then go ahead and donate. If you have questions then I have tried to cover the common ones in the tabs below. If any questions you might have aren’t answered in them then reach out on Twitter.

Cycling FAQ
  • There is no route. I’ll cycle laps, go city to city.
  • All rides will be saved on Strava and publically visible.
  • I’ll spread the distance over 3 months.
  • If the donations break the goals set, then I will try to accommodate the distance within those 3 months unless life doesn’t allow it.
Donation FAQ
  • I’m not using JustGiving, GoFundMe or other sites for this as I picked three charities and there was no way to put all three on the same page for you to pick which cause you could donate to.
  • Any donation made is a one-off. You will not be charged again.
  • All donations will be passed on to the selected charities on a monthly basis (end of the month). So, if £50 was donated in December then the amount will be donated to the charities at the end of December.
  • Proof of the donation will be shared on Twitter.
General FAQ
  • All updates will be shared on Twitter including the routes, charity that received the most donations etc.


I’ve been volunteering for charities for a long time. Mostly,  for conservation charities, both in-situ and ex-situ for over 15 years. Along the way, I started raising funds through events, like Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Where I dressed up as a woman and walked a mile in stilletos. Ru Paul would have been proud.

Then, I dressed up as santa and jogged over Christmas across London. I volunteered for Oxfam, Fairtrade and many more. Each time, trying something different. 

In 2018, I decided to spend Christmas cycling from London to Edinburgh over four days to raise money for The Samaritans.

The distance? 757km. At that time, I had never cycled such a distance before so it was definitely a challenge.

Unfortunately, a motorist did a hit-and-run which ended my ride prematurely in Newcastle but by the end, I had cycled over 508km.

I thought about attempting the same journey this year but it’s not an easy ride especially not in winter. Which is why I wanted to do something different. Still cycling related but not involving travelling halfway up the country in freezing temperatures.

If you want to see the journey I did in 2018. You can find the details on each leg of the journey below.